with Ricky and Bradley

Bradley wants to make the perfect podcast. Ricky wants a ravenous fanbase. Neither of them knows how to make any of that happen. Tensions flare and chaos reigns supreme as two diverging paths attempt to meet on something approaching common ground. The audience is simply along for the ride as co-hosts Bradley and Ricky learn to take their friendship to the audio frontier, with Ricky and Bradley.

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Tuesday Sep 06, 2022

Hello, here on this podcast, we always strive to do better and improve ourselves and the quality of the show. Except for this episode, we totally lose track of that and start arguing like right away. And then we argue some more about some weird religion Brad made up. I’m a little concerned for him. He also agreed to play another radio broadcast on the show. I don’t know why these people keep reaching out to us. Anyway, enjoy this one, it’s really long.   (Recorded 7/9/22)   IG: @withrickyandbradley Twitter: @RickyAndBradley email: withrickyandbradley@gmail.com   Artwork: anguthrie.me

Tuesday Aug 09, 2022

Do you like to have fun? We like to have fun here at The FunCast, the Podcast Where We Do Things That are Fun! We start this episode off by having a very sophisticated conversation about music in Star Wars. Then we taste an assortment of wines and try to guess which one is the most expensive. Fortunately, we wrap this baby up with a rousing improv game. Unfortunately, we’re only halfway decent at improv.   (Recorded 6/27/22)   IG: @withrickyandbradley Twitter: @RickyAndBradley email: withrickyandbradley@gmail.com   Artwork: anguthrie.me

Monday Jul 25, 2022

We’re back again, I guess. Brad invents a really good catchphrase. We determine who would be funnier in a fight, and try to figure out what Beavis and Butthead is. Then Brad insults me with a new segment where we try beers. Finally, true chaos engulfs the show as we play a clip from a famous radio show.    (Recorded 6/16/22)   IG: @withrickyandbradley Twitter: @RickyAndBradley email: withrickyandbradley@gmail.com   Artwork: anguthrie.me

Monday Jul 11, 2022

This one starts off the rails, and never finds them. Brad yells at me for having good ideas.  Then we talk pop culture, and I prematurely hate on the Obi-Wan Kenobi show. But also justifiably hate on that piece of s*** Cars 2. We talk about something else after that? Then we do some blood-chilling, spooky improv!  Maybe I’ll plan better next time. F*** Cars 2.   (Recorded 5/26/22)   IG: @withrickyandbradley Twitter: @RickyAndBradley email: withrickyandbradley@gmail.com   Artwork: anguthrie.me

Sunday Jul 03, 2022

Ohhh baby it’s the first episode and despite what the title says this s*** IS for you!! Tune in to hear us (mostly Brad) talk about the rules for the show that definitely will never be broken. Then you’ll get to know us a little better as we talk about our lives and stuff. Then enjoy a very exclusive interview sent in from one of our favorite fans. That’s right, we already have fans!It’s non-stop goofs, gaffes, and guffaws here on This Is Not For You!   (Recorded 5/9/22)   IG: @withrickyandbradley Twitter: @RickyAndBradley email: withrickyandbradley@gmail.com   Artwork: anguthrie.me

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